Product Recall Insurance: Coverage Myths and Misconceptions

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Workplace Wellness: 4 Experts Share Creative Ways to Use Downtown Cleveland Resources

 5 Minute Read

Insurance and College: 3 Insurance Coverages Affected By Back to School

The heavy slam of the car trunk underscores the close of one chapter in your child's life; leaving you to cope with the new journey of college she is embarking on without you.

How to Prevent Work Place Harassment: 5 Prevention Tactics You Need to Implement

Confession time. And we are talking full honesty here.

Do you ever think, “if I could just eliminate the human element from my business, I would have a lot fewer problems?”

How Does Reference Based Pricing Work: Pros and Cons for Group Benefits

In today’s tumultuous health insurance arena, it’s no surprise over 73% of company’s reported managing health care costs as one of their top three employee benefits challenges. Employers are caught amongst the ever-evolving compliance changes and rising costs of health care along with the expectations of employees for competitive, quality benefits. 

Ransomware Cyber Attacks: How to Prepare & Respond

Hackers are wielding their power across Europe by unleashing a rash of ransomware cyber attacks on companies, with the most severe hitting the Ukraine.

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season: Critical, Overlooked Steps

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Business Insurance Brokers: Tell-Tale Signs It's Time To Switch

A company president recently requested an exposure analysis from our commercial risk advisors. The company was experiencing a lack of service from its current business insurance broker and felt there were potential issues. The company was unsure of what issues existed and how they may be impacting the company's operations. 

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance: When Liam Neeson Isn't Available for Your Trip

Kidnapping, ransom, extortion. While these acts sound like they are the plotlines for the next installment of Taken, they are real threats if you or your employees travel abroad.

Product Recall Insurance: 5 Alarming Costs Your Product Liability Won't Cover in a Claim

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Your company manufactures a part for wind turbines that doesn't operate properly, causing the gearbox to malfunction. The resulting damage destroys the turbine.